talking my wife into taking on a black bull

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Can anyone offer any advice on how I can convince my wife to go black? She was with several black guys before we were married. It is a big turn on for me. I would love to see with a bull.
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  • jim
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    Re: talking my wife into taking on a black bull

    Thu, November 19, 2009 - 5:37 AM
    My wife has also been with many black men, before and after we were married, she seems to naturally attract them for some reason. Has your wife been with many guys since you have been married or is this a first time. May I suggest that you try to find some guys that you know she may like first, by looking on contact sites etc, you know what type of guys turn her on. Then set up a night in a hotel bar to meet him, if all goes well, you can progress upto the room for further fun. The important thing is for her to feel no pressure and enjoy the situation. My guess is, once she has done it, she will find it very exciting and will do it again. As she has had black guys before, she will like to do it again.
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      Re: talking my wife into taking on a black bull

      Thu, November 19, 2009 - 6:03 PM
      No this would be her first time since we have been married. The store she works has a lot of black guys who work on the loading dock. Like your wife my, who is Philipino, naturally attracts them. I'm sure there are more than a few who are attracted to her. Thanks for the direction. I will try and open discussions with her on the subject as a next step.
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    Tue, December 15, 2009 - 6:26 AM
    HI Joe,
    Id start by talking with her intimimately and expressing how much it is a turn on for you to have her make love to a black man.. i find the contrast very arousing myself and i hope you and she can turn your desires into reality
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      Sun, January 17, 2010 - 11:36 AM
      For a lot of women I know the first question we have is "WHY", and it is usually because we think there is something wrong with us that you would want some other man to make love to us. You have to make sure she understands that it will be sexually stimulating for you to watch her taking a bigger cock into her pussy and that it will be ok for her to enjoy the pleasure she is going to get. The first time my husband watched me he encouraged me to relax and enjoy the excitement of being totally fucked for the first time in my life and that he was sharing in the moment by opening my legs and guiding my bulls cock into my pussy, a exciting moment for both us that brought us closer together.
  • Re: talking my wife into taking on a black bull

    Sun, January 17, 2010 - 6:01 PM
    I agree with the above post. The fact that my husband gets so thrilled when he sees me with black men makes it worth the while even more. I admit I prefer black men, but I do all men. But when my husband gets to watch me with black men he is so much more loving afterward. I know that me having sex with black men has kept our marriage happy and well connected.
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      Re: talking my wife into taking on a black bull

      Sun, January 17, 2010 - 9:47 PM
      Thank you for your replies ladies. You are right it would be big turn on for me to see a thick black cock sliding into my wife's pussy and emerging coated with her juice. Constance, did your husband really take hold of the bulls cock and guide it?
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        Tue, January 19, 2010 - 9:08 AM
        Joe, yes he did. I insisted that it would mean a lot to me to know that he was willing to give up his posistion as my husband to my black lover and make it known that we swere both making a commitment, my womb was now his and my husband was confirming that by helping to place his cock into me.

        Knowing that he cared for my sexual happiness and the needs of my black bull was better than any diamond bracelet or Roses could ever mean to me....Constance..xo's
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          Re: talking my wife into taking on a black bull

          Thu, January 21, 2010 - 6:03 PM
          Update!! I am meeting the man who will serve as my wife's Bull tomorrow. He works with my wife and they had been growing closer over the past several weeks. Apparently they had fooled around after work a couple of times. She admitted it to me last night and I suggested that we bring Demarcus into our bedroom. I'll post details about how things go tomorrow night.
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            Re: talking my wife into taking on a black bull

            Sun, January 24, 2010 - 3:44 AM
            Well Friday night was amazing!!! I arrived home from work at 6 to find my wife Donna and this black Adonis sitting on the couch in our tv room. As I approached he stood and extended his hand and said "hey man I am Demarcus" He was six feet tall and muscular. As I looked the 2 of them over I noticed that Donna was looking a little disheveled her hair tussled around and her skirt was bunched up at mid thigh. I then scanned Demarcus and saw bulge the size of cucumber in his pants. I said "I guess you 2 could not wait huh??" They both looked embarrassed. I told them it was ok and to go ahead and get started. Without hesitation Demarcus puled Donna into his arms and gave a deep soul kiss. Their heads moved side to side as they engulf each other tongues. Demarcus's hands were all over Donn's ass squeezing and caressing it. He pulled up her skirt revealing her bare ass save only the pantyhose she was wearing. Donna for her part was stroking the rapidly expanding bulge in his crotch. She then broke the deep embrace and went down to her knees and undid his pants. As she pulled them down Demarcus moaned and then seemed re leaved at what had finally been freed from his pants.

            My jaw dropped when I saw what looked to be a 12 inch long by 12 inch in diameter black cock spring out and stand at a 90 degree angle from his body. It was uncircumcised and had veins popping out on it's sides and one large vein running down the center. Donna looked at me and said "Joe I am now going to get totally into him for the next several hours and you are going to be non existent to me for that that Ok?" I nodded and Donna proceeded to take his black python into her mouth and make oral love to it. Demarcus said in a deep voice " Stay still!!" He then began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth which was barely able to accommodate his girth. Each time it emerged the cock was coated with saliva. Donna was on her knees her hands at her sides and eyes closed as Demarcus fucked her mouth. This went on for almost a half hour.

            Then he pulled back and ordered her to get naked. Donna quickly stripped down to all but her pantyt hose which had the crotch cut out to expose her pussy which was by this time sopping wet. She lay on the couch eyes closed totally submissive to her bull. Demarcus looked at me and I nodded again and he spread her legs. With his thick fingers her spread Donna's pussy lips apart. A drop cream was forming at the clit. Donna twitched at his touched it. Her breathing was getting rapid. Then Demarcus buried his face in her snatch and began to lap her pussy like he was dying of thurst. Donna's pelvis shot upward and she moaned. Her hands came down and gripped his head shoving it deeper into her crotch. Her fingers were instantly lost in his thick Afro. I moved in closer to get a better look and saw his thick brown lips making contact with Donna's pussy. My dick was rock hard as I lstened to sucking, kissing and lip smacking noises Demarcus made as he devoured my wife quivering snatch. Donna came and screamed " OH GOD! " She tried to buck be Demacus's strong arms held her in place. He then disengaged and stood up. I could see Donna's cunt juice on his lips and chin. She beconed him down to her and then proceeded to lovingly lick the juice from his chin and suck his lips. Afther that she stuck her tongue in his mouth and ran it along his upper teeth and across his lower teeth. When she was done she gotten all her juice off the outside and inside of his mouth. He looked at her in astonishment and Donna giggled mischevously. I knew what she was doing as she always kissed me that way when I was finished eating her out.

            "Fuck me baby she begged" Demarcus recovered and positioned himself over her' He raised her legs over her shoulders and shoved his black monster all the up Donna's wiling aching pussy. She screamed as her eyes rolled back in her head exposing the whites and her eyelids fluttered. As Demarcus reached his stride and began steadily pounding in and out Donna threw her head back and became lost in ecstasy. I could hear the sloshing noise her pussy was making and looked down and saw that each time his cock reappeared it was coated with her cream. I was amazed at how she was taking his monster cock all the way inside of her. I imagioned that she must feel like he was going to rip threw her pussy and go straight into her her intestines or at the very least her womb. Finally after an hour Demarcus began to gasp and stutter pump. I knew he was reaching his limit. He looked over at me and the desperation in his eyes begged for permission to inject into Donna's hot pussy. Again I nodded, and with that he pumped twice more and then slammed his full length into her. Her rock hard ass clinched and I knew at that moment Donna was being pumped full of more rich thick seamen than she ever had been before. She also came feeling the massive load being shot deep into her belly. Donna pulled him down to her and they kissed deeply and hungrily. He tried to withdraw but she locked her legs around his back and said "no no don't pulled it out baby leave it in me.. fall asleep with your big cock in me" Finally coming out of her daze Donna looked at me and said "Joe I need time with him please???" I understood and simply nodded again knowing that it was love making that I had just witnessed. I headed upstairs and had one the most intense jerk off sessions of my life. Knowing that this just the beginning for all 3 of us. More to cum later!!

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